2014 Postage Increase Sabotaging Your Plans for a Prosperous 2014?


In accordance with the law, the United States Postal Service isn’t authorized to increase rates higher than the amount of inflation except if there are severe exigent circumstances

Unfortunately,  the Postal Regulatory Commission recently approved a rate increase of $.03 (a 6% increase)!

In the previous seven years, annual increases have averaged only 2.4 percent, therefore the possibility of “rate shock” and a huge decrease in postal mail volume at this point could be very real.

The impending USPS postage increase as well as tougher obstacles owed in collecting past-due balances has made it more crucial than ever to consider alternative strategies for contacting your debtor and obtaining payment.

CompuMail isn’t just mass mailing service.  We have a full suite of direct mail solutions, but we also have many innovative electronic services outside of USPS mailings.

These programs help you and your debtors efficiently manage their outstanding balances, establish recurring payment plans, and secure payment in-full.

We would love to show you the latest options and help you navigate the challenges of 2014.

If we can optimize your OUTBOUND communications, increase your INBOUND traffic, and secure payments faster….2014 could be your most prosperous year EVER while others struggle!

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If you would like full details on the 2014 postage rate increase and other changes, here is a good video by Pitney Bowes that covers the topic in more depth.

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