The CompuMail Difference

We go the extra mile!

The best collection agency mail vendors don’t just mail whatever you provide them.


We take time to understand your collection letter needs and leverage our 20 years experience to help you receive a superior return.


  • How much revenue is generated from your direct mail?
  • What if you could get 10-15% better results from your letters?
  • How important is your reputation and avoiding mistakes in your letters?
  • Is data security critical to you and your clients?
  • Is customer service important to you?



Competitive Rates

We will beat almost any price for comparable service and results.


Full Color Printing

Completely customizable collection letters and envelopes.


Customer Service

Strictest standards for responding quickly to your needs.

Client Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly website portal.

Data Interface

Seamless interfaces with virtually all major collection software.

Change of Address

NCOA database check, including automatic address correction.

QR Coding

We can supply barcodes / QR codes or utilize yours.

Email / Texting

Includes interfaces for gaining E-consent.

Performance Reports

Customizable reports to help you maximize result from letters.

Bi-Coastal Mail Centers

CompuMail has locations on both coasts to ensure you mail gets delivered fast.

Pressure Seal Mailers

Proven, reliable, and better open / read rates.

Information Security

Third-party verification by the premier information security company in the ARM industry.

Want to Improve Your Direct Mail Response and ROI?