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Collection Letter Options
Standard Forms
A wide variety of standard and custom forms and envelopes are offered that will help to improve open rates and get you paid.
Statement Forms

This smaller form (7.25 x 11) provides an effective change of pace to a traditional letter size that gets the debtor’s attention.

Pressure Seal Mailers
As an alternative to “traditional” collection letter, keep the consumers guessing with this different type of correspondence.
Coupon Letters
For accounts with payment arrangements, these letters combine three payment coupons in one effective form. This makes it easier for the consumer to pay you.
Bill Copy
In the event that you receive historical invoices in an electronic format from the creditor, you can send a letter with a printed image of the invoices.
State Compliance Filter
The SCF will make your job easier and will help keep you state compliant.  Based on your instruction, the SCF assigns the appropriate state verbiage to your notice based on the state in which the consumer resides.  The SCF can help keep you from being sued over the state compliance issues.

A key ingredient to getting paid is ensuring that your letters are opened and read instead of being tossed out in the trash.

We’ll share our knowledge on how your letter and envelopes should look, including the exact types of headlines, messages, and calls-to-action required to maximize your return on investment.

Leverage our experience to help you outsmart the competition and increase your profits.

New Media Services

At CompuMail, we’re constantly evolving to offer the latest technologies to our customers.

Please review the following new media service options that can significantly improve your campaign results.

Online Payment Portal

CompuMail is integrated with Paymentus, a leader in online payment solutions.

The Paymentus solution offers multiple options for integration into their electronic billing and payment solution from fully hosted UIs to a client-hosted solution using Paymentus’ tokenized payment API. They support single sign-on and provide any programming requirements for integration with the client’s systems and website.





CompuMail is integrated with Solutions by Text.

Compliance – Every part of the Solutions by Text software and the staff that consult your organization is grounded on providing a compliance-first logic and mentality

Account Alerts – Build text rapport. Engage real-time or schedule mass campaigns: collections, customer service, payment reminders and much more.

Text Payments – Drive consumers to make payments by delivering them links directly to their mobile phones.

Deactivation Logic™ – Ensures that messages are sent to numbers that have not been deactivated and subsequently recycled by the carrier and given to a new user.


As an alternative to traditional print and mail message delivery, we offer our customers the ability to send email communications.

The letter are attached to an email as password-protected PDF’s that are sent electronically to the consumer.  This can be a great cost savings to the client.

Improved Results
National Change of Address (NCOA)
Checks the National USPS database for moves and updated information prior to mailing.
Address Change Service (ACS)
The USPS will forward the piece of mail to the new address on file.
Delivery Point Verification (DPV)
Ensures that the physical address actually exists.
Address Element Correction (AEC)
A USPS service that tries to correct addresses that fail postal standardization software.
Electronic Mail Return
Returns all non-standardized mail that has failed other postal software programs.
Automated Return Mail Service (ARMS)
Let CompuMail take over the labor function of processing mail returns.  We scan in the returned mail and provide a file to upload into your software.

Pre-mail data scrubbing will improve the deliverability of your letters and provides the following benefits.

  • Reduces returned mail costs and the labor required to process it.
  • Reduces forwarding costs.
  • Reduces manual skip-tracing.
  • Speeds up your collections process.